“Sgt Smith” and the not-so-Safer Neighbourhood Police in Thirsk.

Page last updated Monday 1st September 2014 at 1030hrs

If you do an internal search of the North Yorks Police website by typing in “smith” it can be seen that there is, on the plain face of it, no Sergeant of that name in the Force:-

Click on this link here: http://www.northyorkshire.police.uk/index.aspx?articleid=7&q=smith

Or, no officer in the Thirsk SNT of that name either:-

See here: http://www.northyorkshire.police.uk/6207

So why, on 18th July 2014, would a male describing himself as “Sgt Smith” call justice campaigner Neil Wilby and give the pretence he was a police officer of that name. Did he think he Wilby was just a dummy from West Yorkshire who could be fobbed off by a poorly concealed artifice?

And, why, then would a group as eclectic as PC Rebecca Waddington, PSD Investigator Phil Metcalfe, Head of PSD Ian Lemon and the Chief Constable himself, Dave Jones, all refuse to name the person who made that call. Do all of those names also think that Wilby could just be swatted away by the country cousins.

Well, Neil Wilby may not be the brightest button on a uniform but he is a tiny bit smarter than NYP give him credit for. The phone call with “Sgt Smith” was recorded. A fact to which the mouthy copper (if in fact he was a police officer at all) seemed to take exception. Perhaps sensing that the deceit to which he had seemingly subscribed was falling apart behind his ears – and that Wilby wasn’t the pushover he had maybe been led to believe.

This is just the beginning of a tale of deceit and cover-up that is going to make NYP squirm with embarrassment and be the first of many future skirmishes as this website brings forward complainants/litigants who seek uPSD’s and or Neil Wilby’s assistance in pursuing this ham-fisted Force.