Rogue Officers

Rogue-officersNorth Yorkshire Police has around 3,000 police officers, the vast majority of whom wish to serve and protect us well, keeping our communities safe.

There are however some officers, a good number senior in rank (see also Rogue Chiefs), whom the public would definitely be better off without. Or, have those that have slunk off into retirement (on full pension), to avoid facing sanction, pursued by way of criminal enquiries.

The impact to public confidence in the police, in having these corrupt officers exposed, is devastating. As is the effect on morale inside the force, when front-line police officers see that their own Command Team (Graeme Maxwell, Adam Briggs et al) is prepared to indulge in gross misconduct and/or criminal behaviour from senior officers, without appropriate sanction.

We name and shame some of these officers here beginning with now the most notorious as a result of his post retirement activities, CI Tom Fox.

Others to follow soon are:

Superintendent Heather Pearson

Superintendent Lisa Winward

Chief Inspector Phil Metcalfe (now civilian investigator)

Inspector Ian Lemon (now civilian Head of PSD)

Constables Ian Murray, Rachel Hopwood and Ian Hewitt.