Rogue Chiefs


Page last updated on Saturday 30th August  2014 at 1750hrs

The most notorious ‘rogue’ police chief in living memory is, undoubtedly, Sir Norman Bettison. His association with the cover-up of the Hillsborough disaster – and blaming the Liverpool fans in his infamous press release on 13th September 2012 – will forever stain the police service.

Until recently, Bettison was Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police: Itself stained by a massive corruption scandal after massive corruption scandal  on his watch. Bettison was a former WYP colleague of a number of ACPO ranked officers who themselves went on to disgrace North Yorkshire Police. These include Graeme Maxwell, Adam Briggs and Sue Cross.

Other ACPO officers to feature in this section will be Chief Constable Della Cannings, DCC Tim Madgwick, ACC Read and ACC Collins.


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Sir Norman Bettison